Building A Creative Portfolio

Christopher Cizek takes on several creative roles including photographer, freelance filmmaker, and co-host of Uncomfortably Yours, a podcasts with his fiance’, Courtney. Be sure to stay tuned after the show to hear Chris’ heartfelt poem, “Theron Bud Yonkin in Retrospect”.


When Misery Becomes Ministry with Josh Stone

Josh Stone is an author, outreach pastor and leads a traveling discussion group known as Outward Conversation – a team of people who are facilitating discussions around the topic of mental health in a small group setting with the belief that healing comes through transparency and honesty.

A Lesson In Reconciliation with Josh Sanchez

Josh Sanchez is the host of the Swoop Radio Show Podcast – an outlet created by him to discuss sports and mental health. On his show, he is known for his transparency and on this episode it is no different as we talk about what it’s like to reconcile with members of our families, in this case, his father. We delve into our personal experiences with coming to terms of forgiveness and rebuilding from what years of resentment has destroyed.

Life After Loss with Kelly Farley

Kelly Farley is the author of “Grieving Dads: To The Brink and Back”. Released in 2012, it is a book written based on hundreds of interviews conducted with men around the world who share a similar experience – the loss of a child.

The book alongside the Grieving Dads Blog serves as great resources for parents, more specifically bereaved fathers to share their stories in a space that allows them to be vulnerable and remain anonymous if they choose. Kelly also coaches men, hosts workshops and retreats, providing outlets for those who now no longer have to grieve alone and in silence.

Creative Coaching with Sam Allen

Sam Allen is a British-born Creative Life Coach with a passion for poetry who now resides in Switzerland. She is also a blogger at Peacock Poetry Blog and during our conversation, she shares a very special poem titled, “Electric Guitar” which serves as a tribute to her father.

As a coach, she says about the process, “There is a lovely combination in my sessions of lightheartedness and playfulness as well as intensity and I really enjoy that combination. It’s really special to be in that space…Writers and creatives of any field can come to deepen their own innate creativity and also gain accountability around their current project.”

This Is Gonna Hurt with J. Gordon Duncan

For the season 3 finale, I bring on J. Gordon Duncan – a pastor, business consultant, author, and host of the This Is Gonna Hurt Podcast where his topics include physical/spiritual health, finances, and family. When it comes to altering our lifestyle for the better, he says, “If we’re going to make change in our life, we’re going to have to stop doing one thing and start doing something else and that’s typically going to be painful. The body seems to be wired, the mind seems to be wired to move toward the path of least pain…but growth is going to have to come through change.”

Multitasking In Slow Motion with Josh Mozug

Josh Mozug is an artisan, known for his craftsmanship through his company Mozug Woodworking based out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania where he specializes in gifts, wall art, and personalized band merchandise. He is also a poet who performs under the name, Tirades of a Timid Tongue, and host of The let god die Podcast. With so many creative endeavors, it’s hard to find time to accomplish such feats while also being a devoted husband and father but Josh manages his time by multitasking in slow motion.