Faithfulness in the Struggle

Jamey Bennett aka Chunjay is the self-proclaimed, “worlds okayest rapper” from the group Royal Ruckus. Recently he has released a brand new EP titled “Unexpected Joy” and is the host of the Brews, Beards, and Shipwrecks podcast. 

In this episode Jamey gives deep insight behind some of his lyrics, his passion for music, and his involvement in The Samson Society – a community of men who are serious about authenticity, humility, and recovery. 

From experience, Jamey shares that grief is not a problem to be solved as much as it is an experience to be tended. 

A Writer’s Premonition with Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper is a singer and songwriter from Thibodaux, Lousiana who describes her sound as “Neo-Soul”. She believes that music’s purpose is to heal and that is what she intends to do with her own. She says, “I’m a singer/song writer whose quest is to create music that will touch and inspire audiences from all walks of life. Music has been and will always be a never ending quest.” Stay tuned after the show to hear Jessica’s song, “2 More”.

Making Plans & Taking Chances with Brett Weller

Brett Weller is a New Orleans based singer/songwriter who draws influences from a variety of artists. He and his wife, Anna create music that has been described as, “a gumbo of sounds.” On this episode we have a great conversation about the authenticity of being an artist, the shift that took place in his songwriting, and the importance of giving hope through his music. Life involves risk to which Brett says, “We have to take a chance on something. We just can’t sit around our life and not risk…but of course those decisions, those moments have an impact and they have a resolve.”

A Lesson In Reconciliation with Josh Sanchez

Josh Sanchez is the host of the Swoop Radio Show Podcast – an outlet created by him to discuss sports and mental health. On his show, he is known for his transparency and on this episode it is no different as we talk about what it’s like to reconcile with members of our families, in this case, his father. We delve into our personal experiences with coming to terms of forgiveness and rebuilding from what years of resentment has destroyed.

Life After Loss with Kelly Farley

Kelly Farley is the author of “Grieving Dads: To The Brink and Back”. Released in 2012, it is a book written based on hundreds of interviews conducted with men around the world who share a similar experience – the loss of a child.

The book alongside the Grieving Dads Blog serves as great resources for parents, more specifically bereaved fathers to share their stories in a space that allows them to be vulnerable and remain anonymous if they choose. Kelly also coaches men, hosts workshops and retreats, providing outlets for those who now no longer have to grieve alone and in silence.